IPC Training Facility

These acceptance standards are extremely important in ensuring that quality is maintained in a fast-paced, always evolving electronics industry. IPC training:

  • Supports the changing demands of the industry
  • Develops employees to operate to high industry standards
  • Delivers product continuity
  • Ensures that safety standards are upheld, industry-wide

As a global organisation, IPC training is an international quality and acceptance standard that is recognised across the world. Necessary for a range of industries, IPC training is appropriate for different stages of the manufacturing process. Here at Copper & Optic, our experts will train you to IPC/WHMA-A-620, IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 requirements. First devised in 2002 by the IPC (Institute of Printed Circuits) and WHMA (Wire Harness Manufacturers Association), this industry standard is a measure of quality and expertise. Many industries, such as aerospace, automotive, defence and much more, regard the accreditation as a must-have to guarantee that strict quality standards are met.

Circuit board

Who is the IPC training course right for?

Candidates will receive practical and theoretical training to gain a comprehensive view of the electronics industry. Following the completion of course content, the candidate will then receive a professional certification, an increased knowledge of electronics assembly and improved confidence in their role. This, in turn, creates a greater level of accuracy and quality management in the assembly of printed circuit boards, electronic assemblies and wire harnesses.

How will your business benefit from having IPC 620 accredited employees?

  • Improved technical knowledge in the industry, creating a team of experts
  • Improved understanding and therefore improved efficiency in production
  • Enhanced reputation
  • The ability and skillset to streamline the assembly process
  • A team of confident operators and inspectors who are able to provide professional advice on a range of topics
  • Expansion of your current client-base by being able to assure quality, performance and safety

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