Fibre optics for long-distance reliability

Historically, fibre optic cable assemblies have been used mainly in the telecommunications sector. However, in recent years the technology has found a range of alternative uses, favoured for its ability to transmit data in high volume over long distances. 

As the use of fibre optics has increased, the complexity of the application has evolved. In the defence and aerospace sectors, for example, high-quality connectors and terminations are essential for smooth operation. We manufacture custom fibre optic cable assemblies to suit these applications.

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FIbre Optic Cables

We offer expertise and practical solutions for fibre optic assembly

There are a multitude of connector types and termination methods when it comes to fibre optic assembly, making it a popular choice for a broad variety of applications. Using a global list of approved suppliers, Copper & Optic is able to source high-quality assembly apparatus for fibre optic assemblies in almost any industry.

All of our connectors have:

  • A low insertion loss
  • An improved system performance
  • A low return loss (low amounts of reflection at the interface)
  • A reliability guarantee – We follow strict quality management processes to ensure that your fibre optic assembly is fully tested to BS EN 61300-3-35 and our clients’ specific procedures and verified before shipment. 
  • All fibre optic assembly facilities are managed under the exacting standards of EN 9100 and BS EN ISO 9001
  • Low environmental sensitivity
  • The ability to accommodate a wide range of optical fibre types – Suitable for both harsh environments and indoor applications. Industries include data and telecom, industrial, medical, aerospace, defence and transport

Available in a glass or polymer assembly, Copper & Optic’s world-class optical link systems optimise function, cost and efficiency. Operating since 1997, our experts have undertaken a range of fibre optic assembly projects from standard, mass orders to intricate, specialist assemblies for singular applications.

Our technicians and engineers excel at:

  • The combination of fibre with more traditional cable assembly methods
  • Entire engineering solutions for sea, air, underground and overground
  • Organisations that wish to enhance their electrical performance capabilities: fibre assemblies are a popular choice for businesses that wish to streamline their electrical interconnectivity
  • Polymer optical fibre: popular in the industrial sector for its versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness. This assembly solution can be manufactured for high-temperature environments and adverse environments
  • Glass optical fibre: popular in industries such as avionics, glass fibre optical assemblies are used in demanding applications where chemically stable components are required and where it is important that no electromagnetic interference takes place

The scope of Copper & Optic’s optical fibre assembly capabilities is almost endless.

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Fibre Optic Assembly FAQs

A fibre optic cable is a cable that uses light generated from small lasers to transmit data or power. The fibre optic cables are manufactured using strands of glass, which reflect the light through the cable.

Fibre optic cables are considered one of the safest means of communication. The production of the cabling makes any interception extremely difficult. An attempt to penetrate the glass cable will cause “light leakage” which in turn will cause noticeable degradation in communications. Fibre optic cables also have a resistance to electromagnetic forces, unlike traditional copper cabling which overtime can degrade. Fibre optic cabling is considerably faster than traditional copper cabling, whereby you’d need a substantial sized cable to achieve the same performance. Finally, with fibre optic cabling long-distance communication can be achieved without a loss in signal.

Traditionally, fibre optic cables were used mainly in the telecommunications sector. However, with the advancement of technology, fibre optic cables can be used in a range of applications, including: - Aerospace - Defence - Medical - Marine and naval - Industrial and automation - Transport

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