Electromechanical equipment

Over the past 20 years, Copper & Optic has built up considerable, in-house experience in producing electromechanical assemblies. These electromechanical systems are complex, intricate and on a large scale. A critical understanding for our knowledgeable engineers is having a deep comprehension of electromechanical engineering tolerances when handling moving assemblies of this complexity.

Our certified and approved partners supply ethically sourced raw materials for machined and fabricated components. From beginning to end, the piecing together of components, sourcing of products, and testing of the machinery is monitored rigorously for:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Safety

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Tight quality controls and production turnaround for electromechanical engineering

The meticulous control of all material supply chains ensures the availability of high-performing, quality assured components for timely production at every stage of the process. Our quality-first approach means that our customers benefit from systematic, well-organised production lines, delivering complex electromechanical systems in a timely manner.

Historical records of all hardware and software implementations and revisions ensure that your electromechanical products are fully traceable and compliant with industry standards. Copper & Optic’s state-of-the-art ATE testing facilities boast 6,000 test points, using a range of advanced electrical testing technologies.

Once tested, you’ll receive certifications for your order to verify its safe and compliant use. Documents are tailored specifically to your project and handled in a secure fashion. Our efficient shipment process will ensure that your organisation receives its electromechanical products on time, fully traced and to its original design specification.

By instructing Copper & Optic to construct your electromechanical assemblies, you’ll not only receive high-quality electromechanical products but also a manufacturing partner who is committed to providing cost-effective solutions, on-time, every time. 

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Electromechanical Systems FAQs

Here at Copper & Optic we have the facility to manufacture and supply small run electromechanical systems as well as fulfilling on-going scheduled projects. Our electro mechanical assembly facility can manufacture: control panels, sensor enclosures and distribution boxes to suit a range of applications.

By outsourcing your electro mechanical assemblies to Copper & Optic you can reduce manufacturing costs while still achieving high quality products on-time, every time. Our UK based manufacturing facility boasts state-of-the art equipment and our experienced team are experts in sourcing high-quality raw products.

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