ATE for automated reassurance and traceability

As experts in electrical diagnostics, our team have the skillset and tools to be able to test a broad range of cable and harness assemblies, ultimately saving on cost by eradicating the need for manual testing through hand-beeping and troubleshooting. Customers benefit from the accuracy that the technology provides and the ability to provide test results for full traceability and quality control.

Automatic test equipment for electronics

Due to a selection of test equipment, we’re able to test complex assemblies with thousands of test points. Whether you are hoping to test smaller cable assemblies or large, intricate and bespoke harnesses, our collection of Cirrus equipment is able to guarantee quality. With features such as the verification of solder and crimp terminations, high-voltage testing and low-voltage continuity scanning, we’re able to accommodate a variety of order types and sizes.

Someone doing ATE testing

Third party testing capabilities

Whether you require our standalone automatic test equipment service for your already assembled electrical system or as part of an integrated project, you can be sure to receive a BS EN ISO 9001 accredited service at every step of the way. Learn more today.

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We regularly test up to 6,000 test points for cable and harness assemblies for industries such as aerospace and defence.

Each and every test is loggedstored and certified – we make sure that you have all traceability documents necessary to provide complete confidence in your cable, harness and PCB assembly.

Our progressive testing technology looks for:

  • Continuity
  • High-voltage insulation
  • Dielectric breakdowns
  • Polarisation of the connector
  • Components gender