Heavy duty cable assemblies for Naval and Marine applications

We source components that are weather resistant and impervious to water, fuel and a broad range of chemicals. Choosing heavy duty materials ensures the very best performance where environmental performance and durability is key. We source high performing products using an international, quality approved database with a range of trusted suppliers – making our prices competitive and the quality unbeatable.


We offer a range of products, services and capabilities for our Naval/Marine clients

Providing global excellence thanks to efficient and accredited processes

Our knowledgeable team delivers a broad range of products under a strict, quality controlled BS EN ISO 9001 environment. With streamlined assembly processes that have been developed over years of experience, we can provide a quick turnaround on your product prototype. With a portfolio of national and international customers, Copper & Optic demonstrates global excellence in providing precise, accurate and durable solutions for the naval and marine sector.

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