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When it comes to saving and improving the lives of others, it is essential that medical professionals can rely on the equipment and tools that they are provided with. Hospitals, dental surgeries and other medical establishments rely on Copper & Optic to provide quality-approved and certified cable and harness assemblies to accurately and reliably transmit data.

We’re proud to provide to our medical customers:

  • Durable and robust connectors
  • High-density and high-speed data transfer
  • A range of materials for the lightweight handling of equipment
  • Protective encapsulation for a range of medical environments – this protects the cables and harnesses from the ingress of air, dust and moisture
  • Equipment that is fully testing and certified under industry regulations
  • Sterilisable materials that are suitable for medical environments where cleanliness is vital
  • Corrosion resistant materials that provide protection against continual use
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Our commitment to quality in a highly regulated industry

We understand the demands of highly regulated industries such as the medical sector; that’s why we take pride in our commitment to providing sustainable and ethical electrical assemblies that you can trust. As a responsible company, compliance, quality and regulation underpins how we operate. Governed by BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards, we are also proudly committed to protecting our environment and responsibly sourcing materials that are not obtained in conflict zones. Learn more about how we provide high-calibre products that guarantee compliance with a rigid document trail.

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