Fast, efficient and precise assembly for the Energy sector

The alternative-energy sector is a fast-growing industry, developing new and exciting energy-saving processes. As the global movement to support clean, pollution-free energy sources grows, Copper & Optic has been able to expand its portfolio across the world. These customers benefit from our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and ability to apply efficiencies that:

  • Reduce lead time
  • Maximise on cost
  • Provide innovative ways of assembling electronics

Utilising our tried and tested supply chain, we are able to source high-performing components and parts for cable assemblies, harnesses and more. Following years of experience, our highly efficient assembly process allows us to produce high volumes with precision and ease.

Wind Turbine

Design Consultation

If required, we’re able to work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that their electrical assembly makes savings in weight and cost. Whether you require full box-build mechanical assemblies, sub-assembly or a fully integrated assembly service, our knowledgeable team will be on hand to provide expert advice at every step of the process.

Each and every component assembled at our facility in Staffordshire is done so under a strict BS EN ISO 9001 environment. This ensures product continuity and quality for all of our customers. Learn more about our commitment to quality and compliance today.

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