Aerospace wiring harness & cable assemblies

Copper & Optic provides high-precision cable assembly products for applications such as mission-critical systems in the aerospace sector. When the operation of the aircraft is dependent on the systems we help to develop, quality control during the assembly is vital. The system must be able to operate in adverse, harsh environments and the use of the correct materials is of paramount importance.

The data demands of modern aircrafts in areas such as control panels, require a bespoke and intricate cable assembly and wiring harness that accommodates world-class, high specification products.

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Fighter Jet

Benefits for a range of Aerospace applications

We provide electronic assembling solutions for a range of aerospace applications. Some of the benefits that our customers gain include:

  • Reduced weight benefits
  • No chemical or electrical interference
  • Reliability and accuracy in production
  • Improved signal integrity
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Simplified routing for the aircraft, improving space efficiency
Fighter Jet

Experts in avionics cable, harness and PCB assembly

We’ll not only meet quality standards, we’ll exceed them. Here at Copper & Optic, we place an enormous value on quality control and our management processes. As well as being cable assembly experts, we have IPC certified trainers on site. This means that all of our assembly operators and inspectors are fully trained up to internationally recognised industry standards. In addition, we can provide thorough training to your team on the latest in electronic assembly standards.

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Your Aerospace Cable Partner

We create electromechanical components, cable and harness assemblies and fibre optic solutions for the aerospace industry. These can be installed as part of the larger system to control and power:

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