Electronic manufacturing services is a term with a wide definition. What does an electronic manufacturing services company do?

Also known as electronics contract manufacturing, EMS or ECM, it generally describes companies that manufacture electronic components, as well as offering testing, repair and distribution services.

If you work for an original equipment manufacturer, you’ve likely used or worked with an electronic manufacturing services company at one point.


Services offered

The services provided by an electronic manufacturing company will vary depending on the needs of the clients they work with.

At Copper & Optic, we provide:

  • Printed circuit board assembly: assembling circuit boards for a range of applications. Printed circuit boards or PCBs are used in a wide variety of electronic appliances from your phone and laptop to aeroplanes.
  • Fibre optic assembly: manufacturing and supplying high-quality fibre optic solutions. Fibre optic cables are often the best option for transmitting and receiving high volume data at high speed. High quality and high-speed connectors are absolutely vital in industries such as defence and aerospace.
  • Simple to complex cable and harness assemblies: essentially, these are groupings of wires or cables, designed to transmit electrical signals or power. We can support on and supply the best and most effective cable and electrical assembly designs.
  • Electromechanical assembly design and production: These are also known as ‘box-builds’, and can include every aspect of assembly such as fibre optic terminations, cable wiring, printed circuit board assemblies and even potting to encapsulate sensitive parts of the product. You might also know it as ‘systems integration’.
  • In-house potting and moulding to encapsulate cables and harnesses: Potting and moulding is used to either environmentally or security protect components or assemblies using a wide variety of materials including epoxies, silicones etc. Usually applied by injecting into or pouring into moulds or directly into the component. with an insulating liquid compound that hardens and permanently protects it and users.
  • Automatic testing: testing and diagnostics for electronic assemblies and systems. Automatic testing, sometimes known as ATE testing, is vital for complex assemblies. Automatic testing is far simpler and more cost-effective than manual testing with hand beepers.


The Copper & Optic solution

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