A cable assembly is an important component of any system and choosing and designing the right one for your application can be a time-consuming process. When designing a cable assembly, there are many options to consider. Here at Copper & Optic, our experienced team can help you design a cable assembly to suit your requirements and your applications. If you are unsure as to what a cable assembly is, take a look at our cable assembly blog.

What are the Benefits of a Cable Assembly?

Cable assemblies are incredibly useful for keeping your applications working smoothly and safely, whilst keeping cost and maintenance low. There are many benefits to having a cable assembly as part of your system for safety, ease of use and installation:

Time and Cost

On a busy day in production, time is critical to any business. This assembly means that all of the wires that would usually be loose, tangled and difficult for technicians to differentiate between are tied together in one place. This removes the need for the time-consuming effort of installation and improves the time spent on investigation, should something need fixing.  


A cable assembly can be customised to fit the requirements of your business and application. This includes labelling the different wires and tying certain cables and wires together for simple installation and less confusing connectors. These assemblies are tested under extreme circumstances to ensure that they won’t be liable to fail, costing you time and money. Due to this, the quality of the system is greatly increased, ensuring efficient production.


Safety precautions are paramount to any electrical system, which is why testing the cable assemblies is so important. Cabling is much safer when there aren’t any loose wires that could get caught or pulled by accident. A cable harness groups all of the wires together, leaving less room for error and improving visibility of each wire. This also prolongs the use of the assembly, increasing quality and reducing cost.


Cable assemblies are contained within one area, rather than being spread out and tangled. In heavy-duty applications such as aerospace and defence, this is paramount, as the movement of the individual components is easier and there is less risk of damaging the cables and spending money on costly repairs. It also means the safety of employees isn’t jeopardised.

The Copper & Optic Solution 

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