When you think of aerospace or an aircraft, the first thing that comes to mind might not be each and every component behind the manufacture of your typical commercial aircraft. There are several components that are integral to the engineering of a plane, one of which is a wiring harness (also known as, but not to be confused with, a cable harness assembly).

What is a Wiring Harness?

A wiring harness is the most common component found within an aircraft engine. It is an assembly of electrical cables that are contained within an insulated material. This insulated material is usually thermoplastic, which is known for its versatility. The thermoplastic is able to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures, whilst providing electrical insulation to the application. In environments where wear and tear are highly likely, it is important that the materials used to house the wires are durable and can withstand the movement and vibrations of the aerospace application. These harnesses can be confused with cable harnesses, but the two are different components. 

Why is a wiring harness important for aerospace?

Wire harnesses have the capability to be tailored to a specific application. In aerospace applications, it is imperative to use components that are able to withstand tough environments. Wires are extremely flexible, which is ideal for small, tight spaces. For certain applications, they are the preferred component over cables. Wire harnesses are also preferred over cable as they are much lighter. In aerospace applications, weight is a large factor in the manufacturing process as the aircraft is required to carry large quantities of people or goods safely for, in some instances, long periods of time.

The Copper & Optic Solution 

At Copper & Optic, we provide bespoke wire harnesses for your application. We understand the importance of high quality, reliable systems for aerospace and we offer wire harnesses that are durable and can withstand the harshest of conditions, including military aerospace applications. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can talk you through the process of designing, manufacturing and installing your harness to ensure safety and reliability. Using ethically sourced components, you get the best we can provide to a variety of industries regardless of the complexity of the project.

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